No legitimate bar on creating Pran, Akij sanitized milk

The Supreme Court on Tuesday made room for Akij Food and Beverage Ltd (Farm Fresh Milk) and Pran Dairy Ltd (Pran Milk) to deliver, circulate and sell sanitized milk.

Equity Md Nuruzzaman, chamber judge of the Appellate Division, remained for five weeks parts of the HC request that coordinated Akij Food and Beverage Ltd and Pran Dairy Ltd to stop creation, circulation and closeout of sanitized milk for five weeks.

Lawyer General Mahbubey Alam, who represented the two organizations as an individual attorney said that the degree of lead and anti-microbials in the sanitized milk of Akij Food and Beverage Ltd (Farm Fresh Milk) and Pran Dairy Ltd (Pran Milk) did not cross the risk level.

Following the SC request, there is no bar for the two organizations to create, disperse and sell their purified milk, the AG included.

On July 14, the High Court looked for the test reports of sanitized milk of the considerable number of organizations inside seven days in the wake of testing the examples of those in four distinct labs – International Center for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (icddr,b), BCSIR, Institute of Public Health, Food Safety Laboratory under the Bangladesh Livestock Research Institute.

Another test led by Prof ABM Faruque, previous chief of Dhaka University’s Biomedical Research Center, found the hints of anti-microbials in sanitized results of Pran, MilK Vita, Igloo, Aarong and Farm Fresh.

On June 25, researchers said they found the hints of cleanser and anti-infection agents in tests of crude and purified milk of Pran, Milk Vita, Igloo, Aarong and Farm Fresh.

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