Jiephakera, according to the mobile phone market in the first place and third place Samsung Symphony.

Dhaka office: Sunday ress release quoted a survey Huawei claims market research firm jiephakera
The Huawei claimed, currently 37 percent of the total mobile phone market has taken the smartphone.
The Huawei has been number of accounts held byoccupied by around 15 per cent of sales.
Until December last year, the survey has been used jiephakera mobile sales information.
According to the data, in November last year as the financial value of the 18 percent to 9 percent held by Huawei, which rose 1 percent to 4 percent in December.

Mid-level devices (200300 US dollars) to capture the market for Huawei has been helpful according to jiephakera
Huawei has captured 45 percent of the market in this price.
The Huawei Technologies (Bangladesh) Limited Device business director Ingmar Wang said,
Huawei has achieved great success in the past few years. The main reason for its innovation and customer devices.
The smartphone market is important.

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