Anti-Murderer and Rapists day celebrated at JU

Md Shahadat Hossain Sumon,JU correspondent

Jahangirnagar Cultural Alliance has celebrated the murder and rape prevention day at Jahangirnagar University (JU) campus through protest marches, candle lighting and reciting poetry today.

The protest march began at 7.30 pm on Friday,2th August at the university’s student-teacher center(TSC) and ending with a brief rally and recitation of poetry at transport yeard. Then, at 8:30 pm, candles were lit at the Central Shaheed Minar.

President of Jahangirnagar Cultural Alliance Ashiqur Rahman said at the rally, “On August 2,1999 the students of the university were expelled from the campus by intense agitation killers and rapists. But we can see that their ghosts still roaming the campus in self-esteem today. At various times, we find out about the incidents of women oppression.JU will never engage with rapists.”

Shushmita Mariam, president of the Socialist Student Front, said, “The position of the students of JU is a movement against any wrongdoing.This green campus has no place for rapists and murderers.”

After the rally, Shahidul Islam Pappu, general secretary of Jahangirnagar Cultural Alliance recited the poem of ‘Nabarun Bhattacharya’ titled this death valley is not my country.

It should be noted that the anti-rape movement, which started on 20th August 1998, had widespread concussion and rapists were expelled from the campus on 2th August 1999.At that time,BCL general secretary and proclaimed rapist Jasimuddin Manik was expelled. Since then, cultural activists of JU have been celebrating this day as a Day of Murder and Rape.

In the wake of the agitation, the High Court directs for the first time a ‘anti-sexual harassment policy’ to prevent violence against women in Bangladesh.

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