Considering Rajuk Accountable: Ministry neglected to have its impact

Rehashed heartbreaking passings and loss of property in flame and building fiascos in the capital could have been turned away had the lodging and open works service as the authoritative specialist considered Rajuk appropriately responsible for its activity, said serving and previous high ranking representatives.

The service is very much aware of abnormalities and distortions with respect to Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (Rajuk) in regards to usage of structure laws, advancement control and the city’s all-inclusive strategy as a component of its routine administrative business, they included.

Furthermore, the Cabinet Division also stays mindful of situation of an administration office.

An authoritative expert, for instance the open works service for this situation, monitoring its offices’ situation records reports and illuminates the Cabinet Division regarding it. The division can raise any issue at the bureau meeting led by the leader for dialog, question and choice.

That separated, there is theparliamentary standing board on the service which should normally investigate the choices, activities and execution of the service and its assistant organizations like Rajuk.

Previous bureau secretary Ali Imam Majumder said it is compulsory for a service according to guidelines of business to document month to month, quarterly and yearly reports to the Cabinet Division on its administrative job and exercises of its subordinate organizations.

In addition, the bureau secretary may likewise require any service to give data on any issue of open intrigue and concern and spot it at the bureau meeting.

“In this way, isn’t it clear that continued structure and fire catastrophes would not have happened in the capital had the authoritative service considered Rajuk responsible?” solicited the head from an organization under the open works service, wishing obscurity.

Md Abu Sadeque, prompt past executive of House Building Research

Foundation under the service, said the service has been especially mindful of the structure peculiarities, as it has been raised at each month to month coordination meeting.

“The service has everything in its information,” he said. “Rajuk, nonetheless, evidently has not been considered responsible.”

At each month to month coordination meeting, the service surveys Rajuk’s improvement arranging and normality activities and what choices Rajuk board takes each month, said a previous Rajuk director.

As per the minutes of the open works service’s month to month coordination meeting hung on March 31 this year, the service required Rajuk reviewers and approved officials to give data on unlawful structures, building deviations and structures under development and what moves Rajuk has made against errant structure proprietors.

That minutes state that as a component of the continuous structure examination, 71 percent of 3,897 structures in eight Rajuk zones were found to have digressed from the affirmed plans.

Rajuk educated the service that a procedure was on for making a move against just 182 structure proprietors, according to the minutes.

By and large, 150 structure deviations are distinguished each month, said the head of one more organization under the works service.

Rajuk makes a rundown of every one of its choices and spots it to the service’s month to month coordination meeting. The service can coordinate its helper offices, question about any issue and make further inquiry.

“In this way, it is stunning that Rajuk has been going without any penalty for quite a long time notwithstanding wild structure deviations and debacles, infringement of the capital city’s end-all strategy and remiss improvement control,” he said.

National Professor Jamilur Reza Chaudhury stated, “Once, a powerful land designer being chosen administrator turned into an individual from the parliamentary standing advisory group on the open works service, whose plan typically is to get his lodging venture endorsed by Rajuk.”

The previous overseer government counsel addressed, “How might you expect the board of trustees would consider Rajuk responsible for actualizing building guideline and lodging laws?”

He went on, “When the nation’s most noteworthy court alludes its decision for the PM’s consideration, it implies the standard government apparatuses are not working.”

“Anyway,” included the national teacher, “it is a political issue and I would prefer not to make a remark.”

Rajuk Chairman Md Abdur Rahman did not react notwithstanding rehashed calls and a short message made over his official cell phone to get his rendition in such manner.

Md Shahid Ullah Khandaker, secretary to the lodging and open works service, stated, “Rajuk is controlled by a board and all the power is vested in them.”

What’s more, Rajuk has its own authoritative component like posts of approved official, executive, part and director.

There are many instances of gross structure irregularities like FR Tower and those have not been put to the service, he said.

At the point when this journalist brought up that the service has been educated throughout the years, he stated, “We are just mindful of numerical data.

“Rajuk regularly depends on find the stowaway as a rule. They don’t make a move regardless of knowing an inconsistency; they smothered the FR Tower peculiarity since 2007. We will presently investigate it.”

At the point when informed that the service has known about what Rajuk has been doing throughout the years, he stated, “On the off chance that you get some information about it along these lines… ”

Throughout the decades, he at that point stated, there might be a few slips by on part of the service in considering Rajuk responsible. “In any case, starting now and into the foreseeable future, we won’t extra anybody.”

The Daily Star on July 4 reached Public Works Minister SM Rezaul Karim with a short message over his cell phone, looking for his reaction to how his service as the regulatory specialist considers Rajuk responsible for its activities and inactions in the matter of city’s advancement guidelines and building wellbeing.

The pastor in his answer said he would react later.

Having hung tight for seven days, this journalist reached him again on July 11 looking for his reaction. The priest, in any case, did not react.


Md Nurul Huda, a previous administrator of Rajuk, said the structure development council either driven by a zonal executive or a Rajuk board part is sufficient to endorse a structure venture. All the fivemembers of the board of trustees need to sign to endorse a structure plan.

On the off chance that a structure plan is turned down, the candidate bids to the Rajuk executive.

Inside Rajuk’s standard administrative job, more than 100 structure assessors are in charge of ordinary review and report any structure deviation or irregularity to the approved officials, who are administered by the Rajuk board individuals with the director in charge of generally speaking supervision, said Huda.

There are eight zonal chiefs in Rajuk, in charge of directing structure endorsement process and administering deviations. Two of five Rajuk board individuals are in charge of managing the zonal executives and approved officials.

Hypothetically, each arrangement of authorities in the progressive system should hold the authorities in the lower chain of importance responsible for structure deviations and unlawful development, said Huda.

Counteractive action

As indicated by Md Abu Sadeque, previous chief of House Building Research Institute, the structure development law requires Rajuk to implement the arrangement of “building inhabitance declaration” after consummation of a structure.

Without this endorsement, water, power and gas specialists shouldn’t offer associations with another structure.

Rajuk has not implemented the standard throughout the years, he said. “Building peculiarities would have been essentially streamlined had the standard of acquiring inhabitance testament been authorized.”

The circumstance would not have arrived at this degree had Rajuk utilized an incredible Nagar Unnyan Committee, which has been left nearly non-practical for the recent years.

“These two basic administrative instruments – inhabitance endorsement and Nagar Unnayan Committee – would have had a major effect in streamlining the structure distortions,” he included.

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