Prime Minister fake signature pad

Dhaka office: The Prime Minister office confirmed he was looking for, all fake signature pad. SAU student for admission to one of the woman  signature.PMO pad signed by the Prime Minister ‘mandate’ and was amazed at the Kamal Uddin  Ahmed, vice-chancellor of SNU.


The Prime Minister’s residence she Gono Bhaban said , Hasina Begum a middle-aged woman chef paricayadhari e-Bangla Nagar Police Station on Sunday handed over to the university authorities. The woman’s identity has been a chef at the Gono Bhaban. Women fake two-time prime minister’s office, and then the pad of his protocol officer’s name, the name of the deceased manajila letter for student enrollment.

Vice-Chancellor said the Prime Minister’s signature has been forged letter, “… my vision Fahim Zaman and relative well-known. He is talented and hard-working enough. Meanwhile, e-Bangla Agricultural University, admitted that he may be able to bring well-being and welfare of the nation and is an order. ”

When contacted, Vice-Chancellor Prof Kamal Uddin, the first light on December 9 last year, SAU admission tests are held. The results were published on December 1. Admission tests or otherwise, except there is no special quota for admission at the University.

The SAU for the admission of a student is a responsible person can never write to the VC. One of the students for admission to the daughter of Bangladesh the Prime Minister will give a letter that the VC has been unbelievable.

Vice-Chancellor, said: “I was surprised at first. I doubt that it was in error in the letter. Then came the letter to the Prime Minister, he felt the sensitive issue, we should be looking good. Women are often quick to admit that the phone said. VC is busy talking to him. The Prime Minister’s Office seeks to ensure that all are fake. Then on Sunday, the women came to her office was handed over to the police. ”

Regard, e-Bangla Nagar Police Station Officer in Charge (OC) of Ganesh Gopal Biswas said first light, the woman identified herself Gonobhaban cook gave him an identity card was found.She Gonobhaban some kind of security personnel that have passed, there was nothing to him. Who is he, what does all these things are trying to learn from him.

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