Dengue Outbreak: Cattle markets may elevate dangers

Overwhelming downpours in Dhaka since Wednesday have expanded the odds of Aedes mosquitoes reproducing in dairy cattle markets.

An aggregate of 24 alternative cows markets, with a few lakh conciliatory creatures, have been set up for the up and coming Eid-ul-Azha. Specialists dread the conditions there may wind up positive for mosquitoes to breed.

“The water of wet roughage is appropriate for reproducing by Aedes mosquitoes. On the off chance that the water from the feed pools some spot, that turns into a significantly increasingly great spot,” said entomologist Kabirul Bashar of Jahangirnagar University.

He said they as a rule make ovitrap to gather Aedes mosquitoes and their eggs.

“We put water from wet feed into the ovitrap to pull in Aedes mosquitoes to lay eggs,” he said.

An ovitrap is a gadget which comprises of a dim holder with water and a substrate where mosquitoes can lay their eggs. The eggs at that point fall through the work into the water, where the hatchlings bring forth and form into pupas.

Bashar said straw was a staple in the eating routine for dairy animals and numerous cows dealers would carry it to the business sectors. In the event that there was consistent downpour, the roughage would get wet and afterward draw in Aedes mosquitoes to lay eggs there.

“Cleaning the dairy cattle advertises appropriately is critical to decimate these reproducing places,” said Bashar.

This view was reverberated by different entomologists, who said if fundamental cleaning works and showering of bug sprays were not appropriately directed throughout the following multi week, the danger of dairy cattle markets getting to be rearing spots for Aedes mosquitoes would wind up higher.

Then again, steers merchants will be most in danger during this time, as most either don’t take legitimate security against Aedes mosquitoes or may not comprehend what prudent steps to take against dengue.

Md Ariful came at the market on Monday with 20 cows from Kushtia. He kept his cows in the midst of lower leg profound water.

“I raised the cows throughout the previous one year for this celebration. … I’m not stressed over dengue,” he said.

Cows dealer Fazar Ali brought five bulls from Faridpur in the market.

“I trust we’ll return home without dengue,” he said.

Another stress are local people in the region of cows markets. Such markets have been set up on Gopibag, Kamalapur Balurmath and contiguous territories to Kamalapur Stadium.

Visiting some of them, no appropriate waste framework was found. Dormant water had additionally pooled in specific pieces of the business sectors and mosquitoes were seen drifting over those.

An occupant of Gopibag, Akbar Hossain stated, “Already, the dairy cattle market was restricted to the play area. In any case, this year it has developed till the rail line and thin lanes, making us troubled of the dengue danger.”

In a portion of the business sectors, wet feed was discovered dispersed all over the place.

Previous chief of IEDCR Mahmudur Rahman stated, “There is danger of the dengue infection spreading through various steers markets,” he stated, including it was a major probability as the Aedes mosquito populace had not been controlled up until this point.

“We are recommending everybody to go to the cows markets taking appropriate security, such as covering their body as much as they can,” he said.

Kankar Ghosh, disease transmission expert of Dhaka Shishu Hospital said cows dealers are entirely powerless during this time as the brokers would stay occupied with their dairy cattle.

Numerous likewise don’t have any thought regarding dengue, so the DGHS and city organizations need to bring issues to light on the issue among them.

He likewise recommended to ensure the dairy cattle dealers use mosquito nets, splash airborne or use mosquito repellent loops when they rest.

“In each dairy cattle advertise, city partnerships of Dhaka [should] set up restorative groups to give fundamental help to the brokers and in the event that they offer guidance through the group, it will be powerful,” he said.

There are additionally fears of dairy cattle dealers returning the infection to their homes with them, further spreading the malady.

Dhaka South City Corporation Mayor Sayeed Khokon said they were showering cows markets and doing efforts about dengue counteractive action.

He said as Aedes mosquitoes were conceived in clean water, the hazard was decreased at the business sectors, including that in any case amplifiers would be utilized to bring issues to light.

In any event 2,326 dengue patients got admitted to emergency clinics the nation over in 24 hours since 8:00am Wednesday, taking the aggregate to 34,666 this year, as indicated by the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS).

The quantity of patients getting conceded each day has been expanding since August 3, with the exception of yesterday. This year, Bangladesh has seen a record 11,000 dengue cases.

In the interim, two individuals kicked the bucket in the wake of being determined to have dengue yesterday, taking the informal loss of life to 73. Number of authority passings is currently 29.


An understudy kicked the bucket of dengue fever at Maghchami town under Megchami Upazila in Faridpur around 8:30am yesterday.

The unfortunate casualty was Khaleda Parvin, 25. She was an understudy of Government Ainuddin College in Madhukhali.

Hasan Ali, director of Megchami Union parishad stated, Khaleda was contaminated with dengue seven days back and taken to Madhukhali Upazila Health Complex, from where she was moved to Faridpur Medical College Hospital.

The specialists of Faridpur Medical College Hospital had alluded her to Dhaka Medical College Hospital when her condition compounded. Khaleda inhaled her last at the DMCH around 8:30 am, he said.

In Tangail, an undergrad passed on in the wake of being determined to have dengue at

Kumudini Hospital in Mirzapur upazila on Wednesday night.

The expired is Arif Khandakar Kajal, 22, an understudy of Mirzapur Government College and child of Alam Khandakar of Khoilsindur town under Warshi association.

Arif was admitted to the clinic on Sunday with fever and dengue was analyzed after blood test, said Dr Prodip Kumar Roy, chief of Kumudini Hospital.

His condition, in any case, decayed after his platelet check started to fall. He was pronounced dead at 10:00pm.


The Eid get-away for the staff all things considered and different associations under the wellbeing service has been dropped, UNB reports.

Wellbeing Minister Zahid Malik yesterday guided every one of the laborers to not leave work stations from August 9 to 17, a public statement said.

In the mean time, the dengue observing group framed by the service was told to regulate the circumstance nonstop.

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