The World Bank sue the Padma bridge project – the Prime Ministe

Dhaka desk : He rejected the project financed by the World Bank and the Canadian court over the victims can sue.


The Prime Minister said , marriott Hotel in Munich, Germany,”The false charges of corruption, the World Bank are tried framed in false cases, the victims can take refuge in the law.”

Last friday afternoon local time, the European leaders present at the reception organized by the Awami League leaders of migrant workers in terms of demands .


The bangladeh Prime Minister said, “Canada is in favor of our judgments. Unfounded allegations of corruption in the Padma bridge project over the victims of the withdrawal of money from the World Bank to the Prime Minister expressed gratitude to Allah.

He allegedly said, “They are my sons and daughters, sisters, my cabinet members, advisers, secretaries wanted to get involved with this complaint.”Because we were always in the way of truth and righteousness. ”


In addition, the money-laundering case in court if found guilty will be punished at the BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia said.

Against Khaleda Zia allegedly embezzled Charity Trust and Zia Orphanage Trust graft charges two in Dhaka Special Judge’s Court-3 is underway.The Prime Minister said, the World Bank, the big agencies. Therefore, some started to believe that maybe the truth of the allegations, even though they may be.

The Padma bridge project, the Prime Minister said, there is no evidence of corruption, to challenge for the World Bank decided to withdraw the money before they even start the construction of the bridge. He accused the US government of the then influential and Nobel laureate.

Them World Bank failed to prove the allegations.Yunus and his family members tried to link up with the false allegations of corruption.

Prime Minister said, “If we had corruption, the World Bank’s decision could not be challenged.” He added, US Ambassador to Bangladesh, Assistant Secretary Blake, and even threatened him that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said so far.

Dr . yunus of Grameen Bank managing director be removed from the World Bank on behalf of the Padma Bridge funding will be withdrawn.


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