The Middle East has nearly doubled in the period


International desk :The Asia, the Middle East and rising demand for weapons, such a situation has been created in the last five years. This is more than five years in India bought arms. Saudi Arabia ranked second. (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) said on Monday in a report this information.)

SIPRI is known around the world as an independent institution said in a statement, 20122016 major arms deal in the post-Cold War was the highest in any five-year period. 20072011 Asia and Oceania at the global market and 44 percent of the arms imports.

The Powerful weapons in the Middle East and the Arab Gulf countries import increased from 17 percent to 9 percent in the last 5 years reached. Compared to Europe, North and South America and Africa, a reduced amount of imports of arms. The increase in arms imports in the Middle East has nearly doubled in the period. India has 13 per cent share of the global arms imports.

SIPRI said ,senior researcher Peter oijamyana esaaipiaraaiyera an independent institution, the Middle East, most countries in the last five years to improve their military capabilities as well as the weapons bought from the United States and Europe. In spite of falling oil prices, more and more countries in the Middle East last year, keeps Order arms. In terms of regional conflicts and tensions in the arms of kenatake  important.
According to the international organization in Sweden, since 1950 the amount of global arms imports and exports reached the highest level in the last five years. At the time, India’s biggest arms purchase. Saudi Arabia ranked second. Neighbors such as China and India has yet to start producing arms at the national level.
The top arms exporter in the world, including the United States. They are 33 percent of the world market by exporting arms. Russia is in second place. The next position respectively, China, France and Germany. The five countries have occupied 75 percent of global exports of heavy weaponry. French arms exports has increased more than ever before. Egypt has multiple weapons, they are important. Fluoro ada esaaipiaraaiyera head of the armaments, intense competition has begun between the European arms exporting countries. But France, Germany and the United Kingdom ahead of the United States and France at the top of rayechemadhyapracye arms exporting countries. Asian countries are the main importers of the weapons are bought mainly from Russia and China.

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