Sholakia has biggest Eid assemblage

The biggest Eid-ul-Azha jamaat(congregation) of the nation was hung on the notable Sholakia Eidgah Maidan on Monday morning with interest of more than a huge number of lovers from home and abroad amidstringent safety efforts.

Maulana Mohammad Hifzur Rahman, khatib of Boro Bazar Markaz Mosque controlled the Eid supplication at 9:00am in the first part of the day that began following the custom of opening clear flame on the Eid day.

Sholakia Eidgah held its 192nd Eid gathering this year. An exceptional petition was offered looking for harmony, welfare and thriving of the humankind and the country.

Enthusiasts were permitted to enter the ground in the wake of experiencing a comprehensive pursuit.

Pioneers from various ideological groups and government authorities participated in the jamaat separated from the everyday citizens.

Two exceptional trains kept running between Bhairab-Kishoreganj and Mymensingh-Kishoreganj to encourage the Muslims joining the nation’s biggest Eid assemblage.

The first Eid jamat was held in 1828 on this ground. Maulana Sayeed Ahmed of Bowlai Shaheb Bari in Kishoreganj was the main Imam to lead the Eid jamaat gone to by around 125,000 lovers.

Afterward, Mannan Dad Khan, previous Dewan of Haibatnagar in Kishoreganj offered 4.35 sections of land of land through Wakf deed in 1950 and now the Eidgah has seven sections of land of land.

This Eidgah is arranged on the northern bank of the Norsunda River.

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