President, PM grieves demise of Prof Muzaffar Ahmed

President M Abdul Hamid and Prime Minister Sheik Hasina on Friday grieved the demise of Bangladesh National Awami Party’s (NAP) president Professor Muzaffar Ahmed.

The President and the Prime Minister both communicated their profound stun and distress in discrete sympathy messages at the passing of the veteran lawmaker.

In a sympathy message, President Abdul Hamid reviewed the commitment of Prof Ahmed to various popularity based and dynamic developments, including the Language Movement and War of Liberation, with due regard.

“Individuals will recall his commitment to various just developments for long”, the President referenced.

At his passing, the nation has lost a veteran government official and it is to be sure a hopeless misfortune to the nation’s political field, Abdul Hamid included.

President Hamid petitioned God for unceasing tranquility of the withdrew soul and passed on significant compassion to the deprived family.

In the interim, in another sympathy message, the Prime Minister reviewed the remarkable commitments of Muzaffar Ahmed to the extraordinary freedom war and diverse majority rule developments in his long political vocation.

“The country will ever recall with significant regard his job in the nation’s dynamic legislative issues,” she said.

Sheik Hasina appealed to God for everlasting tranquility of the left soul and passed on significant compassion to the dispossessed family.

Teacher Muzaffar Ahmed inhaled his keep going around 8:00 on Friday night at a private medical clinic in the capital. He was 97.

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