Sienna Miller Reunited with Ex-Fiance

Sienna Miller reunited with ex-fiancé Tom Sturridge, father of their 4-year-old female offspring Marlowe, at a celebration throughout Paris Fashion Week Saturday night.


Wearing a bright red cropped animal skin jacket and ruby maxi skirt, the player was all smiles as she and her ex, UN agency wore a black jacket and pants and a red, white and blue jockey cap, left the bash along. They perceived to be escorted by a person during a blue suit, UN agency helped Miller into an automotive. the 2 haven’t commented on their night out.


Miller recently told Harper’s Bazaar that Sturridge is her “best friend within the entire world,” adding, “We still love one another. I believe during a break-up, someone should be somewhat bit cruel so as for it to be ancient, however, it isn’t been resentful during a means wherever you’d like better to not be around that person.”
Miller and Sturridge terminated their engagement and stone-broke up in summer 2015. the subsequent Gregorian calendar month, they have photographed along at LOVE magazine’s Christmas party, wherever they additionally stayed with Rafferty Law, the 20-year-old son of Miller’s alternative renowned ex, Jude Law.


Miller and Sturridge are photographed along many times since then, however not at parties. Before Saturday, they were last noticed out with their female offspring in my last Sep.

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