Britney Spears’ sister Jamie Lynn looks for control of vocalist’s accounts

Jamie Lynn Spears (left) was named as a trustee of her sister Britney’s domain in 2018

Britney Spears’ sister is looking for more power over the star’s fortune, in an undeniably tense fight over the artist’s lawful guardianship.

Jamie Lynn Spears as of now has some state over her sister’s accounts in the wake of being named a trustee of her home in 2018.

In a court recording a week ago, she requested control of cash put away in a trust finance set up for Britney’s kids.

She mentioned the cash be moved into represents which she is the overseer, BBC revealed.

Whenever endorsed, it would move the budgetary resources of the store to those records and require an adjudicator’s endorsement to deliver them.

Britney Spears’ accounts are as of now constrained by her dad, James Spears, who has been his girl’s lawful conservator for over 10 years because of worries around her psychological well-being.

He briefly moved to one side from the job supervising her own issues in 2019, refering to his own medical issues.

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