Bangladesh to close illicit, counterfeit cell phones from 2021

Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission or BTRC is embracing another innovation to compel illicit and fake cell phone handsets out by making SIM cards of all organizations unusable on them.

The guard dog attempted the activity in 2012 and is wanting to place it into impact from 2021.

“The delicate for gracefully and the board of National Equipment Identity Register (NEIR) in an offer to stop the utilization of illicit cell phones is nearly done,” BTRC Chairman Jahurul Haque told

As indicated by the BTRC boss, the same number of as 118.22 million IMEI numbers were added to an information base throughout the most recent three years in discussion with telephone shippers, administrators and Bangladeshi portable makers.

Asked how NEIR would be placed in actuality in the event of the telephones sold before 2018 and on the off chance that all IMEIs are not recorded in the information base by one year from now, he stated, “An open door would be given to enroll inside the predefined time the telephones which were purchased before August 2019.”

On what might happen to telephones which were bought from abroad, the BTRC boss stated, “all things considered, the buy receipt and related archives must be saved. We’ll keep arrangements to enroll IMEIs when the NEIR commences later.”


The NEIR is referenced in the Equipment Identity Register or EIR distributed in 2019 for the cell phone administrators of the nation.

As per the BTRC, just a single specific SIM card can be utilized on unlawful telephones at the underlying phase of the cycle. Yet, the clients will be compelled to dump these telephones as no SIM card will work after a specific timeframe.

At first, the telecom guard dog had chosen to permit the clients, who had just been utilizing a SIM card in a cell phone with unregistered IMEI, to keep doing as such for a half year. After that period, the SIM would not take a shot at some other fake telephone.

There is no official information on the number of illicit gadgets are being utilized around the nation yet brokers put the number at approximately 30 million.

The BTRC hopes to rejuvenate this arrangement refering to anticipation of illicit imports, loss of income, robbery, wellbeing chances and guaranteeing security. A draft guidance expressed the administrators would make an information base of IMEIs in accordance with the Licensing Act.

IMEI is a 15-digit number that is one of a kind to cell phones, the authentic ones. The number can be found by dialing ‘*06#’ on any telephone. Telephones with unregistered IMEI numbers can be singled out and hindered from offering cell types of assistance.

Joining administrator EIRs with the National EIRs makes it simpler for the BTRC to distinguish unregistered IMEIs on all organizations. The whole cycle will flawlessly synchronize information from all sources progressively.

“The administrators are set up to start the cycle. The information base and all other specialized fronts are practically prepared to begin from January one year from now,” Shahed Alam, Robi Axiata’s Chief Corporate and Regulatory Officer, told

Mohammad Mesbah Uddin, the joint secretary of Bangladesh Mobile Phone Importers’ Association or BMPIA, stated, “The IMEI information of telephones which are being created in the nation are being submitted to BTRC. These are being transferred to the information base at this point.

“The dispatch of the National EIR to stop these unlawful cell phones will help the authentic telephone business to develop,” he included.


The BTRC has been sending admonitions and training individuals to check if their handsets are authentic or phony, and gather and safeguard the buy receipt.

The check should be possible by messaging ‘KYD [IMEI number]’ to 16002 on any telephone.

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