Definition of BUSINESS

busi·​ness | ˈbiz-nəs , -nəz, Southern also ˈbid- 1a : a usually commercial or mercantile activity engaged in as a means of livelihood : trade, line in the restaurant business

b : a commercial or sometimes an industrial enterprise also : such enterprises the business district

c : dealings or transactions especially of an economic nature : patronage took their business elsewhere 2a : role, function how the human mind went about its business of learning— H. A. Overstreet

c : a particular field of endeavor the best in the business

3 : affair, matter the whole business got out of hand business as usual

4a : personal concern none of your business

b : right you have no business speaking to me that way

5a : serious activity requiring time and effort and usually the avoidance of distractions got down to business

b : maximum effort

7 : movement or action (such as lighting a cigarette) by an actor intended especially to establish atmosphere, reveal character, or explain a situation

— called also stage business

9 : a bowel movement —used especially of pets

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