9 Great Sex Tech Deals for Masturbation May (2022): Vibrators, Suction Toys, and More

May is National Masturbation Month! That’s an entire month to celebrate and practice one of the healthiest ways to get to know yourself a little better. Self-knowing is self-love, after all, so let’s stock up on some knowledge. We’ve collected the best deals on vibrators, air pulse toys, and harnesses to ring in this most sacred of months. Check out our Best Sex Tech and Toys guide for more recommendations and advice.

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Lelo Sila Cruise

Photograph: Amazon

Lelo’s Sila Cruise is a sonic massager that uses air pulses to provide targeted stimulation to erogenous zones, and it’s one of our faves. The little mouthpiece is wider than it is on a lot of air pulse toys, providing a more diffused stimulation that’s great for the clitoris, frenulum, or even nipples.

Best for clitoris, frenulum, or nipple stimulation.

Lelo Enigma

Photograph: Lelo

Like a Swiss army knife but for getting you off, Lelo’s Enigma Dual Stim massager includes an internal vibrator and external air pulse stimulator all in one soft, flexible silicone body. This one’s designed for the vulvas, with the vibrator providing internal stimulation while the air pulse stimulator gets to work on the clitoris. It can be tricky to get into the right spot since every body is different, but once you find it, this thing will make you absolutely melt.

Best for vulvas; has internal vibrator attached to external clitoral suction toy.

Temptasia Harness Briefs

Photograph: PeepShow Toys

Standard straps can be pretty medieval-looking and intimidating. When you’re in the heat of the moment with a partner, messing around with buckles and straps can put a pause on the action. That’s why I tend to prefer the boxer brief-style harnesses. These fit just like a pair of boxer briefs, and they have a little O-ring in a pocket in the front there where you can mount just about any phallic toy with a flared base. They’re snug so they stay in place pretty much no matter what you’re doing, and this brand goes all the way up to 5X size which is always a plus.

Lelo Hugo

Photograph: Lelo

This one’s been a mainstay of our Best Sex Tech roundup since the very beginning and for good reason. Hugo is a vibrating butt plug with an external (and motion-sensitive) remote control for easy adjustment of vibrations or fun with a partner. The body is a soft silicone over a hard inner shell with a flared base; it’s curved to hit the prostate but it’s a great butt plug whether or not you or your partner have one of those.

Great for anal play, has remote control, targets p-spot.

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