DRICM are going to organised Chemical Metrolgy Olympiad

Md Shahadat Hossain Sumon,JU correspondent::

The 1st Chemical Metrolgy Olympiad 2019 is going to be held by the Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (BCSIR)-based Designated Reference Institute for Chemical Measurements (DRICM) aimed at generating competitive talent and awareness regarding the study of science, especially chemical measurement among the students.

 The Olympiad will be organized for the first time with students from schools, colleges and universities. This will include round-based tests on chemical measurements. The competition will be held in two groups.

Group A: Class 8 to Class 10

Group B: Class Eleventh and above

The first and second round of the competition will be held on 17 and 20th May respectively.

50 participants from each of the groups in the 1st round will be selected for the second round. Total 40 students where 20 participants from each group of the second round will participate in the final contest. A day-long preparations will be provided to the selected competitors for the final round in the laboratory.

After the competition, the first place holder will be given a laptop,a crest and a certificate and the first 5 people of both groups will be given a certificate and crest. All participants will be given Suvnyanar and certificates.

Special arrangements: Out of the participants of the Olympiad, 100 candidates who passed the 1st round examinations will be given a calibrated mass and a calibrated beaker. These contestants will submit the mass and compilation report in their family / pertaining to the prescribed form for one year. These rules can be found on the DRiCM website (www.dricm.gov.bd). In the next year, at Olympiad / DRiCM Establishment / World Metrology Day, the highest achiever among the participants will be awarded the title of Mr / Miss Metrology.