From July 1, the new Value Added Tax (VAT) law will be implemented.


Dhaka office: byabasapratisthanaguloke new online registration will take all of the work. The project is in full swing preparing for the VAT Online. Online registration will begin on March 15. VAT registration will be available during the three and a half months. National Board of Revenue (NBR), the sources said.
However, there is an advantage! VAT registration will not take all the merchant. The company in a transaction worth 30 million less than a year the registration will not take. This means, the organization’s average turnover per month is less than two and a half million, will not take their registration.
At present, the annual turnover of up to 7 million VAT package gives firms.

The new law will be outside of the company VAT registration. However, small businesses have been demanding to continue the VAT package.
The annual turnover of more than Rs 30 lakh will be covered as soon as the online registration.
The project will be online VAT registration in two ways. The annual turnover of 30 million to 80 million will be paid when the registration, it will be shown as a list or ayanalistamenta.
The turnover tax at the rate of about 3 per cent of the total transactions in the company. The annual turnover of more than Rs 80 lakh electronic business identification number (ibiaiena) will take. VAT will be imposed on them of 15 percent.
Online service provided to the ibiaiena habeta like a lot of online tax identification number or e-tiaienera. Traders will be able to register at home.
The project will have two ways to online VAT registration statement saba dakhilasaha able to pay taxes. The company has already taken the traditional manner BIA, the new institution will be the online registration.
BIA can be entered online on VAT. BIA byabasapratisthanera make the name, address, byabasapratisthanera another branch address, bank account number, type of business, the amount of turnover, business start date, the existing data should be biaienera.
Byabasapratisthanera without creating a list of information managers, their national identity card number, name, etc. The findings will be part of their business. After using the website can be a regular VAT returns and pay taxes.
Again, if the owners of the respective Commissionerate office with the information you will be able to register in the traditional manner. In that case, the information will be sent to the office of the Commissionerate VAT Online Project. Then, after scrutiny, will be registered for VAT Online Project.
Asked VAT Online Project Online Project upaprakalpa director Zakir Hossain can all at home. VAT will not come to the office. Nakara deposition method is easy to be harassment businesses will be encouraged to pay more taxes.
The traditional method has 7 lakh 84 thousand institutions BIA. However, the company does not submit returns. 57 thousand per year as the company returns submitted. 3 million by ২0২0 company has set a goal to bring ibiaienera.
With the beginning of the implementation of the new VAT law will be up to the VAT package. There are areas of the VAT package for the current fiscal year. Whatever is not sold on the VAT package, if the VAT amount is determined at the end of the year. There is no track.
Musakabyabastha small or small packages up to take advantage of the new law of grace, the evidence will give an account of the year.
Any business out of business if the existing system did not have the opportunity to cancel the BIA. The new system, the BIA has been canceled or suspended.