Bigg Boss eleven written update: Priyank Sharma KICKED OUT of the residence by using Salman Khan

Owm Reporter:Amar Chand Gupta, from Mumbai, Boss 11’s Weekend Ka Vaar become in its true feel remaining night time, because it changed into time for the contestants to get a comments on their behaviour in the house in the 1st week of the show. While we noticed Salman waking up in his chalet on a nice morning however now not a very nice house, we saw the housemates gearing up to fulfill him.

A lot took place on the display inside the past week, but one incident that happened within the house in the middle of the night, left the host Salman Khan high-quality miffed with inmates, and that very incident caused Roadies and Splitsvilla reputation Priyank Sharma being kicked out from the house.

It so took place that, Akash Dadlani made fun of Vikas Gupta’s sexuality after which the 2 had an unsightly fight, and it become so horrific that housemates needed to intrude as Vikas turned into going to bodily attack Akash, but in the warmth of that moment Priyank displaying his aid to Vikas ended up pushing Akash and broke one BIG rule of the house. It is a totally clear clause within the contracts of those contestants that they can’t lodge to physical violence in the house, and for violating the agreement; Salman confirmed Priyank the manner out. Disappointed Salman additionally said that Priyank had all the chances to move until the give up, even as Vikas and Hina regarded to disagree with Salman’s punishment to Priyank.
Though Priyank has now not made the go out but, Vikas became visible feeling responsible for what had passed off at the same time as indignant Hina Khan became visible saying that she will be able to walk out to if Priyank is ousted. Now we will must wait and watch how Salman will react to Hina’s this remark and her disobeying his order. While no contestant become saved from Salman’s anger, the superstar became visible yelling at the housemates for the first time in so many seasons.

While Priyank became shown the door, Zubair become introduced back to the ground by way of Salman Khan, who also warned him to observe his behaviour. Salman additionally took Akash’s magnificence for the use of foul language and reprimanded Sapna for commenting on Arshi’s clothes. Also, Salman requested Vikas no longer react to Shilpa’s moves at the same time as he lauded Hiten for the maximum practical housemate so far, however asked him to act extra accurately.

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