SC clears path for Milk Vita to create purified milk

The Supreme Court today prepared for Bangladesh Milk Producers’ Co-usable Union Limited (Milk Vita), a state brand milk making association, to convey, pass on and sell of its pasteurised milk.

Chamber Judge of the Supreme Court Justice Md Nuruzzaman stayed for around two months a bit of the High Court demand that guided Milk Vita to stop age, movement and leeway of sanitized milk for five weeks.

The apex court chamber judge passed the solicitation following an intrigue recorded by Milk Vita testing that bit of the High Court demand.

Legal advisor general Mahbube Alam appeared for Milk Vita.

Another legitimate advisor of Milk Vita Barrister Mohiuddin Mohammad Hanif Farhad uncovered to The Daily Star that the Supreme Court’s stay solicitation will be material only for Milk Vita.

The association would now have the option to convey, scatter and closeout of its cleaned milk, he said.

Refering to the stay intrigue of Milk Vita, Farhad said the Milk Vita will face crisis if the High Court solicitation remain in power.

The association will manage issue and resolve it about cleaned milk, he notwithstanding.

As of late, the High Court asked the pros stressed to stop creation, scattering and closeout of purified milk of 14 associations including Milk Vita for the accompanying five weeks.

It also guided the specialists to get ready for purchase and usage of filtered milk of these associations, including some top brands, for instance, Aarong, Igloo, Milk Vita (state-run) and Pran.

The HC gave the solicitation resulting to seeing three separate research focus test reports, which found that the milk of these associations contains neutralizing agents poisons – Oxytetracycline, Tetracycline and Ciprofloxacin – similarly as lead, a ruinous overpowering metal.

The level of the sullying couldn’t be quickly known.

The 14 associations are Aftab Milk and Milk Producer Ltd (Aftab), Akij Food and Bev-erage Ltd (Farm Fresh Milk), American Dairy Limited (MOO), Bangladesh Milk Pro-ducers’ Cooperative Limited (Milk Vita), Baro Awlia Dairy Milk and Foods Ltd (Dairy Fresh).

BRAC Dairy and Food Project (Aarong Dairy), Danish Dairy Farm Ltd (Ay-ran) Ichhamoti Dairy and Food Products (PURA), Igloo Dairy Limited (Igloo), Pran Dairy Ltd (Pran Milk), Uttar Bango Dairy (Ultra).

Purbo Bangla Dairy Food Industries (Arwa) and Tania Dairy and Food Products (Safe).

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